Unique and Classic Wooden Paddle Boards
Starting Price: $2,500.00
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These clearly unique and singularly classic wooden paddle boards are created in the mind and built by a young man by the name of Kevin Fitzke in Minnesota.

His take on the classics shows a very real influence from an early age being around old wooden speedboats. His lines show an imagination and interpretation of just what a paddle board should be. These two boards are the “Bootlegger” and the “Speakeasy”.

Performance with their included Kevlar paddles is nothing short of shocking. Very easy to paddle and with the smooth lines, the running surface is unobstructed. The keel fin adds control and the wide stance allows more stability for a more enjoyable experience.

Looking for something that you won’t see anywhere else? Then these are the boards for you. 

Fitzke Boards offers custom colors, logos and other features that can be built right into your board using your own imagination to make your new board a one-of-a-kind heirloom.

As the only Michigan dealer for Kevin’s unique watercraft, Howe Marine would be pleased to be of any help with your inquiries or specific questions.

Starting at $2,500.00 and some demo boards are available for sale too.